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We would like to inform you that we offer several Erasmus+ courses in Finland, Estonia, Spain and Portugal during 2014-2016.


See our planned courses at: http://www.euneos.eu/?page_id=302 and find what your school needs!


Our courses include topics like:


1.        iPad, Android and Win8 tablets in classrooms in different subjects and cross curricular topics . Social media and curation in education. Information and communication technologies in classrooms.


- Read more about all Tap-Swipe Pinch courses: http://tap-swipe-pinch.com

- Course ‘Social Media Master Class for education in semantic web 3.0′



2.        EVERY SCHOOL DESERVES THIS: How to apply successfully for a Erasmus Plus grant? How to make your school more international.


-        Developing a school policy plan on internationalization.

-        -How to become a good coordinator of internationalization?

-        Developing formats of international project work (both f2f and virtual).

-        How to set up a multilateral, bilateral, Regio Partnership in Erasmus Plus.

-        How to develop the European and international dimension in the curriculum.

-        How to develop the intercultural competences of the teachers taking part in international projects. Project management.

-         How to take part in global virtual projects with schools in Asia.


Read more: http://www.ejournal.fi/course-international


3.        “Best Practice Benchmarking with Finnish schools” -courses help schools to innovate their teaching, studying and learning processes and to develop their working organizations.

Finland has been doing well for many years in the PISA studies where results of 15-year old students are compared in OECD countries. What is behind this success?  .


Read more: http://www.ejournal.fi/benchmarking


But that is not enough. International comparisons alone are not very helpful when the future of education is concerned.  All countries have to work hard and need to learn from each other to keep up with the new standards of digital learning.

Benchmarking is a win-win approach to schools in all countries where this kind of bi- or multilateral collaboration is taken into action. The questions below clarify what kind of topics can be put on the agenda during the benchmarking courses.


- what do our teachers do better?

- how is initial and in-service training given?

- what are the learning environments like?

- what do the students do to be among the best ones in the world?

- how is support given in practical terms?

- how intensive are the contacts between home and school?

- in what way are the tablets changing the way of learning and teaching?

- how do we put European dimension into our syllabus?

- what do we do for internationalization?

- what is the role of the principals in schools?

- how can we afford a great education?

There are many more matters that could be added to the list. If you are interested in the benchmarking course, don't hesitate to suggest your own topic.


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Join: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Tap.Swipe.Pinch.Course/


On behalf of Euneos Team,

Pentti Pirhonen, Finland



Pentti Pirhonen




Tato emailová adresa je chráněna před spamboty, abyste ji viděli, povolte JavaScript


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